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Thailand is known as the land of smiles. The locals will always great you with a smile and will help you where they can to make your holiday a truly pleasurable experience.

Passports and Visas

Visas are not required for most nationalities and will receive a 30 day visa on arrival when entering the country via airplane. Please assure that your passport is at least 6 months valid after your planned departure. Should you wish to stay longer than 30 days, it will be best if you arrange a visa before arrival at your nearest Thai Consulate. More information on visas can be obtained at or nearest Thai Consulate.

Customs and Immigration

You will have to clear immigration and customs at the first airport that you arrive in Thailand before taking a onward local flight. You will be given a landing card on the plane that will be required on your departure. Airlines will assume no liability for any perishable articles like food, that might be confiscated by Customs. One way charters are available to Langkawi on request. Clients will be liable to clear out of Thailand with immigration, customs, harbor authorities and again immigration at their own cost. For more information on visa requirements for Malaysia visit


Thailand’s currency is the Thai Bath. Thailand is mostly a cash society and it is advisable to change foreign cash/travelers cheques on route to the yacht or at the airport. Most major credit cards are generally only accepted in bigger towns, restaurants or resorts. ATM’s are available in more populated areas and almost always at any 7 Eleven shops.


The official language is Thai and English are spoken in most of the tourist areas.

Time Zone

Thailand is 7 hours ahead of GMT.


Phuket are mostly governed by two major seasons. The North East Monsoon, which is the drier season, runs from November to April. The weather is consistently sunny and dry with wind speeds of Force 2-5. Temperatures are generally in the region of 30 centigrade. The South West Monsoon, which is the wet season, runs from May to October. Rainy periods, which normally last approximately an hour and a half, may be experienced at this time generally in the late afternoon or early evening. Winds of Force 2-6 are normal with some squalls. A lightweight waterproof jacket is advisable for protection from any rain showers.

Cost of living

Prices vary from restaurant to restaurant, however the following is a guide for your reference. A bottle of wine costs about 800 baht in a supermarket and at least twice that in a restaurant. A bottle of beer costs about 45 to 75 baht in a supermarket and from 100 baht up to 250 baht in a restaurant. Good quality Thai food can cost as little as 200 baht per person in a local restaurant where a meal in a resort can cost anything from 1000 baht per person and more.

Marine Animals

There are sharks around the cruising area but most of them have no teeth. Leopard sharks feed on shellfish and whale sharks although very large eat only plankton. They are not a threat to sailors or swimmers. There are several species of jellyfish in water and people with strong allergies are advised to wear stinger suits or refrain from swimming.

Louis van Wyk

The founder of Draco Marine Services. I did yacht deliveries for almost 10 years, after which I went and worked firstly for Tui Marine in Cape Town doing quality control on the Robertson and Caine boats. In 2016, I started a new career at Sunsail Phuket as the assistant base engineer. In the beginning of 2018 we started Draco Marine Services.